Nền 1

Pioneering production facility in Vietnam. A technical base from which to offer support for local & Japanese customers operating in Vietnam.

Site area:3456m²
Building Area:2087m²

URL: http://daitoh-vietnam.com/



At our Kyoto Headquarters with have a machine process- ing factory with a cutting edge inspection facilities. Design work is also done in the spacious offices of our technical section.
Site area:1320m²
Building Area:1221m²

URL: http://www.daito-industry.com/

Headquarters – west factory

2nd Factory

Office space and assembly factory.

Site area:1105m²
Building Area:1190m²

Ohgahara 3rd factory

3rd Factory

Assembly factory located to the south of head quarters.

Site area:1723m²
Building Area:673m²

Mekawa 4th factory

4th Factory

Double column machining center for large scale line.

Site area:1010m²
Building Area:309m²

Mekawa 5th factory

5th Factory

Assembly factory located to the north side of head quarters.

Site area:749m²
Building Area:531m²

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